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Business Performance Consulting

I approach every consulting intervention with a straight forward, no nonsense attitude. This has enabled my clients to rapidly gain trust and confidence to commit to the recommended course of action and always delivers the intended outcomes.

planning steps


The Plan Phase

This phase normally requires between 1 and 5 days to complete and provides a rapid, practical and comprehensive review of your business performance,  opportunities for improvement and a broad plan to deliver tangible bottom line gains.

Once we have gained a mutual alignment on the way forward I will work with you to develop The Improvement Plan which can either be implemented independently or with my help, in a manner which both reduces risks to success and ensures that implementation milestones are met. The Improvement Plan has its own stand alone value and benefit, as it gives all interested parties an objective review of the organisation and the scale of improvements available.


The Do Phase

In this phase I work with you to ensure that both the most appropriate business tools and methodologies are used to implement the required changes.

I can either lead the programme - as is often the case or support one of your own leaders to ensure the PLAN is implemented and effective.

I work in a very pragmatic and practical way at every level in the organisation meaning I am straight talking and no nonsense. I teach practical hands-on skills that can be quickly implemented into a ‘learning by doing’ intervention.

​I work with you to design and deliver change that addresses areas identified in the Improvement Plan and that transfer skills into your team. The training I provide will improve understanding of the systems, processes and the general management tools required to implement the necessary changes, generate the improvements and ensure their sustainability.

This approach has key benefits to the organisation:

Firstly it guarantees a transfer of ‘know-how', ensuring that you are left with a team of people capable of maintaining the momentum. Secondly, it creates an inclusive process which helps to generate ‘buy-in' from within the business. Thirdly, it facilitates development for people within the organisation who are seen as having potential.

Improvement programmes I have delivered include many varied interventions:

  • Business start up

  • Factory and workflow design

  • Supply Chain improvements

  • Productivity improvement

  • Process refinement or redesign

  • Strategy development and deployment

  • Organisation structure

people involvement
checking the outcomes


The CHECK Phase

This phase ensure thats the necessary protocols are in place early on in the DO phase to manage and monitor progress. Regular, often weekly Governance meetings are held that require key stakeholders to reflect on progress made and risks arising to ensure that the programme remains on track to deliver the desired outcomes.

It all unravels if the changes don't stick. I support post programme with helpline support, on site coaching and mentoring and other support activity to ensure the gains are held solid.

In this phase I ensure that the changes implemented during the DO phase are sustained and that we have promoted a culture of continuous improvement.


The ACT Phase

It is common to see changes trigger other requirements that may be out of scope in the DO phase. This is a good thing! When we see change trigger change we catch a glimpse of the true nature of continuous improvement and this will undoubtedly require careful reflection and consideration.


The below are examples of what can emerge from making changes to a single aspect of your business:

  • Restructuring and development requirements

  • Facility layout changes

  • Strategy deployment needs

All of which I can offer further support with.

If the above sounds appealing and you want to know more Let's Chat!

changing the course

What our Clients Say...


“Dave came into our business to advise and assist on our warehousing strategy and its execution, specifically looking to advance a number of our core processes. Dave was extremely engaging with all staff, delivering support, advice and direction at all levels in the business and in doing so, achieving closure on some key milestones in our journey. We have made some significant steps forward in our warehouse delivery and look forward to working with Dave again.”

Matthew Cashmore - General Manager, Datamars New Zealand

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