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Leadership Coaching & Mentoring

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Personal and Safe

Our busy lifestyles and inevitable interruptions can make the change process difficult even for the most seasoned execs. I conduct coaching in a relaxed, structured yet informal way which allows you to tune in to your innermost thoughts, anxieties and aspirations. 

It is common to explore personal beliefs that can limit your performance or sensitive issues or even skills and behaviours that you need in order to progress in your career.


The Process

An introductory session - This gives us both the opportunity to discuss and explore the issues at hand, identify your specific needs and enable you to make a decision about whether to proceed

  • A series of coaching sessions with time and duration tailored to suit you

  • Unlimited telephone and e-mail support

  • An evaluation of success against your goals

coaching process
personal growth


To GROW is Natural

The exact content and duration of each coaching assignment is different and tailored to you. Using an effective GROW approach I will help you to:

  • gain insights and clarity about the issues you wish to address,

  • deeply understand your views and the facts on the current situation

  • explore and identify options that will make a difference for you

  • home in on the next steps that are best for you,

  • walk away with clarity on the actions you intend to take


Your Pace

The time frame for the coaching relationship is dependent on the issues to be addressed. There are situations when objectives can be achieved within a couple of sessions and in other cases the relationship can go on for longer.

If the above sounds appealing and you want to know more Let's Chat!

your own pace

What our Clients Say...


David brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from his previous roles in consultancy, business improvement, manufacturing, maintenance & transport management. This experience is what sets him apart from the theoretical consultant to the experienced implementor & change manager.

David is able to connect with people on every level, be it at the shop floor or through to execs and is very skilled at identifying practical strategies/solutions to solve complex situations in any organisation

Nera Gordon, Operations Manager, Oceania Dairy

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