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Lean Skills Training

Learn from the best! In my career I have had the good fortune to have been trained on the job at the source giving me unique insights and understanding of lean and kaizen methodologies which I can deliver to your organisation. I don't believe in aimless preach and much prefer to provide training that can be quickly applied either during or after the knowledge transfer. My structured lessons incorporate sound theory backed up with practical examples and exercises designed to get participants to explore their own learning in a safe environment.

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My approach has key benefits to the organisation:

Firstly it provides a transfer of ‘know-how', ensuring that you are left with a team of people capable of applying their new knowledge and skills.

Secondly, it facilitates development for people within the organisation who are seen as having potential.



Training programmes I have delivered and offer include:

  • Strategy Development & Deployment - A3 thinking

  • Kaizen & Continuous Improvement Principles

  • Lean Manufacturing principles

  • Value Stream Mapping

  • Process mapping techniques

  • Statistical Process Control

  • Problem Solving

  • 5s - Workplace Organisation

  • Total Productive Maintenance

  • Fast Changeover (SMED/OTED)

  • Work Measurement and Analysis (Industrial Engineering)

  • Safety Risk Assessment

  • Permit To Work

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In order to get the most from each session, I prefer to discuss the specific needs of the individual or group to ensure agreed content and outcomes are delivered.

Courses can be delivered on site or at off site venues to suit travel and budget constraints.

If the above sounds appealing and you want to know more

Let's Chat!

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What our Clients Say...


"Although Lean lends itself to manufacturing, Dave was able to perfectly shape the training to suit our field, and facilitate at a level that suited the audience.  The session was enjoyed to the point that a few of them took the time to call me and thank me for organising the course. For us the course will pay for itself within weeks”

Nick Moore, Regional Manager - Paving, Downer Construction

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