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Zero defect philosophy under pressure?

Working in the Japanese automotive sector in the 90's convinced me that we should always strive for zero defects because to any customer receiving a defective product, it is essentially a 100% defective. The days of AQL's and statistically acceptable defect levels were to be a thing of the past. So what has changed?

The current debate regarding whether to vaccinate or not could also be seen as an example of ”acceptable defect level" believers versus the "zero defect thinkers" So who is right?

I too find myself conflicted by the thought that no vaccine/treatment can be 100% safe yet the injury risk levels are considerably lower than the more likely serious consequences of catching Covid. To me its simple! The balance of risk is in favour of vaccination and I made my decision based on the facts as they are currently known. Timing is everything! Wait for perfection and it may never materialise.

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