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Looking at the books is only part of the story!​​​

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The books are part of the story

The past can tell us a lot about how an organisation acquisition might be the right fit and choice but unfortunately it only tells us what has happened on paper. Financial performance is but one aspect of business health. A deep look "under the bonnet"  will give far greater insight into the real day to day business activity, performance and potential, ensuring that any investment decision is made eyes wide open.



I support clients in understanding how the prospective acquisition actually works at an operational level through meticulous examination of the quality of the business processes, its leadership style and competence. Of course, the organisational culture has a large part to play in the performance of any business and I spend time with the business' key leaders, one on one, to gain a deep understanding of their motivations and desires for the business.

Identifying the true potential that lies dormant is perhaps the most important factor. Using a combination of observation and in some cases method study and work measurement I gain an accurate assessment of the true productivity potential that remains untapped.

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I can either support your own financial team or conduct this activity independently to suit client budget and timing.



In order to get the most from this service, I prefer to discuss the specific needs of the individual or group to ensure agreed content and outcomes can be delivered to meet expectations.

If the above sounds appealing and you want to know more Let's Chat!

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